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Transport Action BC is a non-profit consumer advocacy group concerned with transportation issues in the Canadian province of British Columbia. We advocate for environmentally, economically and socially sustainable transportation options, and help others learn about them. Transport Action British Columbia is part of Transport Action Canada. Until Spring of 2010 we were known as Transport 2000, formed in 1976.
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Transport Action BC is composed of a wide variety of members including transit users, people professionally employed in the transit industry, and others with a strong interest in sustainable transportation. Members receive the following:

  • Transport Action (publication of Transport Action Canada)
  • Transport Action Western Newsletter - BC and Prairies

As well, Transport Action BC meets monthly to discuss local issues and decide upon appropriate advocacy activities.

All memberships include membership in Transport Action Canada and are administered through the Transport Action Canada. Please use the Transport Action Canada membership form to join.

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Translink Bus
Translink low floor electric trolley bus Vancouver, BC, Apr 2008 (Photo by Ian Fisher)
Welcome to Transport Action BC!

The VIA 1-4-10 Plan

A Recovery Strategy for Canada's Rail Passenger Service

For Transport Action Canada

By Greg Gormick - On Track Strategies

Download the final report here: (2 MB PDF) VIA 1-4-10 Plan Final Release Version 151106.pdf

[2013 Apr 26]
Current Issues
Transport Action BC continues to work on several issues. These include:
  • Restoring year-round intercity rail passenger service between Winnipeg-Regina-Calgary-Vancouver and Vancouver-Lillooet-Prince George
  • Expanding commuter/regional rail and rapid transit in Metro Vancouver
  • Instituting commuter rail/rapid transit for Victoria/southern Vancouver Island and revitalizing the E&N systemwide
  • Keeping the M.V. Coho in downtown Victoria
  • Developing a passenger-only commuter ferry network
  • Keeping and improving rural intercity bus services
  • Policies to limit sprawl and to encourage walkable, sustainable transit-served communities
  • Improving accessibility
[2008 March 9]
More Information
Transport Action BC Site
[2010 Sep 23]
Transport Action BC Meetings

Our most recent meeting was September 2015 in Vancouver.

The next meeting is tentatively planned for November 2015 in Vancouver.

Please contact us if you are interested in attending.

Transport Action BC typically meets every other month, except in summer. Guests are welcome at meetings.

[2015 Nov 5]
Western Newsletter

If you wish to receive our newsletter, it is available by joining Transport Action BC. Please see Join us in the left column for further information on becoming a member.

[2011 Apr 2]
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Matthew Buchanan
Patrick Rault
Rick Jelfs

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